Hi, I'm HaqtanEfe

I'm a 16 year old game developer that mainly focuses on programming.Lua is my best programming language and I mainly code on Roblox studio.Here are some projects that I've attended:

Getting Over It

A game inspired by the famous "Getting Over It" game on steam. It really makes players angry with its weird physics and unusual movements.This game helped me learn optimization techniques as well as character movement on weird physics

Psychiatric Complex

A horror game based on an apocalypse where people around the world start becoming zombies. While people are becoming zombies we are trying to get our job back in the factory.This game helped me learn how to edit other scripter's script without needing to rewrite them every single time.


A horror game that starts inside a hotel. When using the elevator to go to our room, the elevator falls and we try to make it to our room while avoiding life threatining monsters and objects!This game helped me learn essentials in camera and character movement.

Spin to win

A UGC game where the only goal is to spin a wheel and get the lucky UGC drop! There are parkours and arenas that give you spins to use at the wheel!This game helped me learn about cheat prevention since there was a lot of cheaters trying to get the UGC without playing the game.

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